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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I examined the embroidery
of a most exquisite tapestry
lent to me by a friend
to wrap my heart and soul

Observing the progress
of this handicraft
I traveled through time

Journeying from inexperience and ire
to creativity and exploration
the mistakes made along the way
gave this work character

The most recent stitch in time
shows maturity, patience and
conformity to a pleasing, familiar pattern

How I hope to thread in this creation
the colors of my life
lending to its completion
a permanent reminder of
the gratitude for its warmth and comfort

While inspiring a rejuvenation
of the adventure once woven
into this fabric


1 comment:

haiku-shelf said...

"...I traveled through time..."

You really did!
I enjoyed it to read your poem.