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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dream Catcher

Dream catcher
Catch me colors.

Catch me the colors
Of a rainbow
So I know the storm is over.

Catch me the colors
Of a sailors delight
So I’m assured a glorious day.

Catch me the colors of eyes
So I can look into the soul of man
And understand his heart.

Catch me the colors of roses
So I may know
Purity, friendship, and love.

Catch me the color of light
That which shines like a beacon
Out in the sea
To guide me through
Insecurity and indecision.

Then catch me the color of death
So I can control him
And make him a kinder, gentler adversary.



Mark Stinson said...


I found your blog through Upside-Down-Umbrella.

Your poetic style expresses reality and describes dreams so personally. I like the way the writing engages, concealing little. As a fellow writer, I appreciate how you share what you experience – and how you feel about it.

I look forward to coming back often for more.


Nancy Watts said...

Thank you...I look forward to hearing from you!sun