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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I’m going on a journey
My friend must stay behind
So I’ll take with me
A part of he
Reassuring my heart and mind

That love has no boundaries
It’s something you can not possess
It’s timeless and everlasting
The part of life that’s best

I’ll take with me his smile
To share along the way
And his love for adventure
To enjoy each passing day

I’ll take with me his patience
So as not to miss a thing
And his heart felt compassion
For every human being

I’ll remember how it feels
To hold his hand in mine
Then lend one to another
Knowing that in time

One day my hand will reach out
And be joined in the end
Not with that of a strangers
But my long desired friend

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Words do intrigue us
and then maybe engage us
sometimes OUTRAGEOUS!
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Monday, September 28, 2009

POND Haiku

Light autumn rain falls
percolating on a pond
bubbling through the fog...

tiny beads
of mercury dance
on water....

Cool soft droplets land
most gently
on flower petals...

leaves reaching out from their stems;
tongues hanging off lips
of children splashing puddles...

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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Your fingers, like a light breeze,
slip through my hair, combing it from my face.

Weightless resignation catches this cool,
gentle wind; eyes fluttering in the moment.

And I succumb to the sweet abstraction
in your breath, swallowing every word.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Submerge into the river of my intimacy
absorb my essence, be fluid with me.

Feel my soul entwine with your heart...

Fingers clutching the transference of energy
giving birth to one spirit.

Feel the words my lips speak...

Let them engage you in the ebb and flow
of my conversation.

Wrap yourself in the contentment of my arms
be fluid with me.

# #


Meet me at sunrise
when the day starts a new
when floral sheets of silence
awaken from their beds.

Revelations emerge from within a shining light
across the discursive ramblings of the sea
only to lap against wooden hulls.

A cryptic message to the masses?
No, to just one
but a universal plight I hope;

For I would write a poem to mankind
in the hope that it would
make its way to your heart.

# #


I examined the embroidery
of a most exquisite tapestry
lent to me by a friend
to wrap my heart and soul

Observing the progress
of this handicraft
I traveled through time

Journeying from inexperience and ire
to creativity and exploration
the mistakes made along the way
gave this work character

The most recent stitch in time
shows maturity, patience and
conformity to a pleasing, familiar pattern

How I hope to thread in this creation
the colors of my life
lending to its completion
a permanent reminder of
the gratitude for its warmth and comfort

While inspiring a rejuvenation
of the adventure once woven
into this fabric

# #


Co Conspirator
Sexual Confidante
The One Constant Thing

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Monday, September 21, 2009


The day I called your name
A tear caressed my cheek

It was a tear filled with joy
A tear brimming with hopes and love

For in that tear
Was the taste of salt from your lips
And the blue seas of your eyes
Whisking me away to a place I had never been

And in that tear
Was a reflection of myself
A part of me I thought I’d never give
To someone whom I could lose

Then your hand
With its most gentle touch
Brushed away my tear
Hoping to spare me pain

Not realizing
That tear, was all I had
To make me feel alive.

# #

Getting On...

I am getting on with my days.

I push a cart
through the grocery store
put gas in the car
not much more.

Insignificant tasks now
challenge my patience.


I am getting on with my days.

Not a good one?
That’s okay
there will be another.

Oh God another!

And the mailbox seems
so far from the door
my mind is weighted with,
What for?

The what if's
What now


I am getting on with my days.

Getting On...
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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Grey clouds froth
Atop a lavender sky

Mother Nature’s tea steeps...

Flavored with a setting sun
Squeezed by the hand of twilight

Weariness rests with a cup
Cradled in her hands

Soothing her troubles
Are the calming colors of chamomile

Seeping into her soul
Is the aroma of life.

“Tea Time”
# #


Naked branches whisk cinder filled clouds
off the floor of the sky,
revealing glowing embers from Earth’s hearth.

Ice covered limbs crack then snap,
dripping as they melt,
while life’s breath smokes the air.

Frost burns the senses and tears the eyes,
but smells of hickory and pine
warm all memories of winters past.

Winter’s Sunset
# #


Some, pass through our life like a flash of light;
barely an encounter within our aura.

Others, are embroidered into the fabric
that warms us on our journey.

Then there is you, an indelible mark upon my being.
An unexpected consequence of stepping out of my environment.

Your fugacious presence has been a gift.
This is a moment I will experience through paper and pen;

A page in my book that will be re-read,
many times, for years to come.

# #


My winter’s heart aches
for springtime resurgence of
summer, fall romance...

Lashes Close
Splintering Sunlight
Dreams Begin...

Tips of your fingers
write a fugue upon my skin
while our bodies dance...


Is verbal foreplay
of intense feelings...

The body shudders
as words spill
out on to the page...

(an orgasm for the brain :)
# #

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Late September

Late September sun smiles upon me in my Adirondack
as soft autumn winds cool thoughts
of a languishing summer.

Clinging to the breeze, the cicada's Stradivarius
accompanies a cricket's lullaby while lawn mowers
dine on their last meal of sweet grass.

And I am erring to a place where you and I
dreamed together on a back yard hammock.

Vagabonds in time, gliding in sync...for a moment.

Late September...
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Hundred Poems

Your words are a portal to man's soul;
noesis refracting through one hundred prisms,
each filled with lucid dreams of human emotion.

Like white light passing through the soul
of a child, colors and textures of your private
world blend, bending one hundred different
ways, spilling into an Alaskan night sky.

Poetic beauty...

And I pause to reflect on their illumination.
These words....one hundred wishes cast off
onto shooting stars; the hopes and dreams of
the young at heart dangling from a moon beam.

One hundred good night kisses and a prayer
gently blown off the tips of a mother's love
as she closes the door on another bed time story.

Your words...one hundred poems revealing
intricate details and intimate secrets of a world
you share with only a few...Leaving me envious
of those who hold your heart....

One Hundred Poems...

Dedicated to Samuel Paralta
Congratulations on 100~
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Monday, September 14, 2009

And I Miss You

I caught the scent of you today
Clinging to the autumn breeze

It blew, like your fingers, through my hair
Sweeping wisps from my face

Landing in my hands
Nestled in the crook of a gently fallen leaf

Encasing me like a warm hug
As I rolled in a freshly raked pile
On a bed of grass

And I miss you….

Thoughts of you are surreal
Images fade in and out in slow motion
Glances from across a crowded room
A look in the eyes
A smile on the face
Feelings of a touch
The sound of laughter
Moments in time that I try to grab hold of
Prolonging their memory

And I miss you…

And my arms ache to hold you
As the tears well up inside
And my voice constricts in pain
Fighting back the sounds
Of a heart broken

The colors of the sun
Explode now across the sky
As my soul rains into that river
Racing toward the horizon
Hoping to join the light before it fades

And I miss you….
# #

Sunday, September 13, 2009

How Do I Reach You

There you were, among the tall, lush grasses
petting cattails as they pass beneath your fingertips.

Reflective in the sun's light your thoughts
meandered in the distance, poaching a melancholy horizon.

And I smiled as the jasmine breeze whispered your name
betraying your secrets into the day's calm.

Verses kindred in spirit danced on dragonfly wings
hovering over memories filled with goldenrod .

Fragrant longing drew a slumbering breath, ingesting your essence
and I yearned to respond, awakening my fervent soul.

But how does this banausic voice reach out to another so exquisite,

Can such trite emotions prehend the attention of one
whose song is lovelier than the Thorn-bird's?

How Do I Reach You
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Saturday, September 12, 2009


A chance encounter
an abstraction in the eventide
inveigling my emotions with possibilities

An extrinsic rebirth; pealing away the layers...
yours of vulnerability, mine of longing to experience
what curls the toes and generates concupiscent dreams.
# #

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cat's Whimsy

The cat's paws pad across
lap top keys in search of
a semicolon smile.

A fluttering beneath the
surface drew his whimsy;
heart strings wriggling.
# #

Thursday, September 10, 2009

One More Thing...

Tell me one more thing before I sleep
one more story to remit my mind into lucid dreams.

Bridge our expanse so I may reach out and trace the contour of
your brow; that which embraces an accomplished intellect.

Give me one more morsel before I slumber
one more bite from that apple or peach.

Provide a conduit for succulent imaginings; those which
are experienced through the vulnerability in your words.

Reveal to me one more clandestine idiosyncrasy
those which create an image in my mind, giving you life.

Be my one more reason to rise in the morning
one more reason to look forward to the day….
# #

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I sought but could not find
That which would set my soul free
One look at you, then I knew
How I would find me

The serenity my heart has discovered
From just looking into your eyes
The release of my inhibitions
I have come to realize

Is the freedom my spirit searches for
The ability to draw strength from within
You inspired this gift of self-expression
And with you I want to begin

Exploring life’s little miracles
The feelings of joy with each passing day
The sensation knowing you creates inside me
Making love to you will be my way

Share in my creativity
Inspire me some more
Rejuvenate the passion
Then love me like never before.

# #


I saw my reflection in your eyes
Youth, exuberance and creativity
Now the heavy lids of boredom slip closed
And I must look within
To find my strength and assurances

But the dark is a scary place

The sound of your voice once told me
The words of your heart
But all has quieted
And the silence if deafening

You flowed through my veins
Like the river to the sea
With wild abandon and purpose
Now you bleed through opened wounds
As sharp tongues lash the heart

And the pain adds to the darkness

But I will find my way
Padding though the inner walls of my soul
Cauterizing the wounds, healing the scars
And I will emerge again to hear
The laughter in your voice

For I will be stronger
And once again full of surprise and allure
No longer afraid of the dark

# #

Monday, September 7, 2009


I want to stretch out across the sheets
in the morning, after you rise

Run my fingers through my mind
unshackling all thoughts

Chase the voyeur that lurks
unmediated through my noesis

And breathe freely
on this bed of dreams...
# #

Friday, September 4, 2009

Reverie's Wake

My dreams rest in the crook of your arm...
swallowing every heart beat.

A warm, fragrant chest
absorbs all consciousness...

Fingertips meander atop soft, tegument
as creativity's flow strengthens in reverie's wake
# #

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Living Dead

I changed your room,
put up new walls, and took down
old feelings and memories.

Wiped the fingerprints that
told me you once ran through
my house, and covered the
growth marks of our bond.

But the death of this love
consumes me, as nothing
can replace your smile or
unconditional acceptance.

Or was it? For you are gone,
no word, no trace, just silence.
Afraid to move, I wait for a sign
of closure. It’s the not knowing.

# #


Ask me what I want
It would be
One moment in time
You and me
All walls are down
None of life’s complications to get in the way
Time to tell about my dreams
Time to ask about your day
We communicate through children
Share stories of work and schools
Relax with friends
Follow the rules
All the while
Waiting for a moment

# #


Lay your burdens on my shoulder
Nestle into the crook of my arm
Your barely lithe soul and grieve

Then rest
While my heart sustains
The weight of your suffering

For time will ease your anguish
Letting the joys of living
Once again be known

# #

Dream Catcher

Dream catcher
Catch me colors.

Catch me the colors
Of a rainbow
So I know the storm is over.

Catch me the colors
Of a sailors delight
So I’m assured a glorious day.

Catch me the colors of eyes
So I can look into the soul of man
And understand his heart.

Catch me the colors of roses
So I may know
Purity, friendship, and love.

Catch me the color of light
That which shines like a beacon
Out in the sea
To guide me through
Insecurity and indecision.

Then catch me the color of death
So I can control him
And make him a kinder, gentler adversary.

# #

Flickers of Firelight

Splintered logs singe like hair
strands, curling up in a pile of ash,
and hissing smoke slithers into the air.

Blue and white flames flap with
fluttering sounds in a stiff breeze
as embers crack then snap.

The pit radiates light into the dark
abyss of autumn nights, scenting
the quiet with hickory.

Through branches, like fingers that
claw at the sky, peering through
a charcoaled haze, I see you
shrouded in the shadow of past admirer’s.

An emptiness fills my spirit, echoing
the soft footfalls of isolation, as I await
your full return.

# #

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In Response to YES

And my lips will respond
quivering against the soft fullness

drinking in this moment
breath suspended

while the tips of your fingers
write a fugue on my skin
# #


Anticipation of a final connection
No touch will ever be the same
No longer will I use “Mr.”
I can call you by your name.

How I long to whisper in your ear
That which has been tucked in my heart
It is what we hold most precious and dear
And has defined us from the start

It is your most important possession
You will be sharing with me
And I welcome the release of repression
So you can finally see

That who you are is what I love most
Giving of your self, is to me no game
No longer will I use “Mr.”
I will call you by your name.