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Monday, September 14, 2009

And I Miss You

I caught the scent of you today
Clinging to the autumn breeze

It blew, like your fingers, through my hair
Sweeping wisps from my face

Landing in my hands
Nestled in the crook of a gently fallen leaf

Encasing me like a warm hug
As I rolled in a freshly raked pile
On a bed of grass

And I miss you….

Thoughts of you are surreal
Images fade in and out in slow motion
Glances from across a crowded room
A look in the eyes
A smile on the face
Feelings of a touch
The sound of laughter
Moments in time that I try to grab hold of
Prolonging their memory

And I miss you…

And my arms ache to hold you
As the tears well up inside
And my voice constricts in pain
Fighting back the sounds
Of a heart broken

The colors of the sun
Explode now across the sky
As my soul rains into that river
Racing toward the horizon
Hoping to join the light before it fades

And I miss you….

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