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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Safe Haven

You are...

a beach house in the pouring rain;
my life coming down in buckets...

an assuasive presence on a blustery night
whose golden autumn eyes makes this heart smile!

You are...

brilliant fall colors on a New Hampshire afternoon;
an inglenook blaze rolling through the hills, poaching twilight.

a safe haven snuggled under Eider down
whose nurturing affection fosters impassioned emotions.

Safe Haven
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Frustration is the manipulator
Of my fingertips.
Lead is pushed across the page
In an effort to express my
Inner most thoughts.

Lines squiggle
As my voice shakes
Starting and stopping
In discursive ramblings of feelings

Meant to turn one’s heart
Arouse one’s senses
And liberate one’s soul.

Analogies of flowing rivers
Seductive sunsets and
Sensuously soft roses
That bring to mind the
Smooth supple anatomy
Of this woman’s strongest aphrodisiac

Seem trite in comparison
To the fervent emotions
Stuck in my throat.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Du’a Khalil Aswad

Recoil into your resistance
into your self
into fetal dreams
that once nourished you...

For man, in his dominance
is dehumanizing;
shrouding your dignity
under the feigning of salvation...

Let go the remnant
of this mortal life.
Induce reverie's delivery
to a celestial sphere filled with love...

Resile your fear and subjugation
allowing your supernal soul to flourish
with all the purpose you were born...

The Stoning...

When winter winds
fellate through naked limbs
clinging to their trunks
howling and moaning

When the sun submeres
into a cold dark sea
not allowing the sky to blush

When thick fog
breaths heavy on the ground
indifferent to the beads of rain
slipping from the lashes of
the meadow's wild flowers

Then Mother Nature did not prepare
her daughters well...

For the forces known as man.

As Nature Would Have It...

Why don't women invest their assets
At whose cost do children end their futures
What is the price tag on human worth

The reason all beings continue or stop...

Give me the going rate for a smile
Is there a fee for a word of encouragement
How much is the outlay for a headstone

One that reads "Much Beloved"...

Real Power isn't in an external portfolio
It is in an internal stockpile of consumer confidence
Owned and operated to share the wealth

People live to be valued...

Personal Fortune...

This set of poems is dedicated to Du'a Khalil Aswad.
All children should be allowed to pursue their dreams.
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My emotions disable me
Discursive dreams
Slip in and out of my daily routine
Relentless desire
Takes the place of peaceful slumber
Food, no longer satisfies the cravings
Hunger that starts
With the sound of your voice
Is followed by a thirst
Quenched only from your lips
A burning sensation
Cooled twice
By the milk of satisfaction
This appetite reaches so deep
It can only be filled
With a limberness of soul
And a passion
That makes one’s fists clench
And body convulse within
A connection intense enough to bring tears
Filled with a remembrance of my past
Love of the present
And excitement for the future

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Oh, how I wish for one day
all of my imperfections
to go away.
I would leave behind
for you to find
the vulnerable beauty
of his heart and mind.
No longer will I need to conceal
all of the emotions that I feel.
My wild spirit your subconscious would
reveal, embrace and be understood.
Conditions no longer would there be
for the bond desired
between you and me.
Unguarded acceptance
would I then know
from the trust and faith
that began to grow.

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Monday, October 5, 2009


My flowering pear is peach in color…
Summer fruit with an autumn look

No longer blending to the rest
of natures’ landscape

Its richness and vibrancy
flows gracefully with
the direction of the wind

Gaining a relaxed rhythm
once lacking in the spring

It has depth, shadows, and remnants of life
nestled into the crook of embracing branches

A smell and feel, which generates
childhood memories, emanates in the
brisk breezes scattered about
from rustling leaves

Like cinnamon being shaken on apple crisp...

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Flames filled with hopes and dreams flicker
Materials cannot clothe the heart

A single wish entrusted to tradition
releases a prayer of happiness with a breath
dousing the candles, as I remember your birthday...

Not Forgotten Birthday
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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Scents of almond, apple and pumpkin
emanate throughout the house.

Thanksgiving day is upon us and too
a casement of opportunity to
reflect on our lives, loves, and friends.

On paper, fall is an ending;
out with the old year, in with the new.

For me, it is a beginning...

New friends, new direction, new light is shed
on work to be done during this rite of drum.

There will be no stairwell to hide beneath,
my end result will mirror individual effort.

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Friday, October 2, 2009


What will you remember
When you think of me
Will it be the eyes of excitement
That you see

The eyes of unconditional acceptance from a friend
Standing by your side
Or the eyes of passions running wild
From a love that could not hide

The eyes amazed at the colors of a sunset
Refracting through a cloud
Or how I looked admiring your accomplishments
That left me feeling proud

Will you hear the breeze rustling the dunes
Or sound of the crashing surf
Will you remember the words from a love that swooned
Comparing you to heaven on earth

Some things I hope that come to mind
When pondering my name
A heart by virtue of sincerity was kind
And wild spirit you could not tame

Remember me when times are rough
I’ll be there to pull you through
Remember me when times are grand
You’ll be in my heart then too.

# #


Dance with me
Lay my head on your shoulder
Hold me close
I will close my eyes
Lose myself in the rhythm

Feel your increased desire
Move to the beat
Caress and explore every
Concealed thought and emotion
Reach deep into my soul.

Whisper to me
That which will melt my heart
Give meaning to this song

Dance with me
Be a “listener of the fugue”
Not just a “hearer of the melody.”

# #


You came into my life
As quiet as a whisper
You unlocked my heart
Without a sound

You made love to my soul
Like a hurricane blowing
You gave me no warning
And here’s what I’ve found

From now on…
There isn’t anything I’ll do
I won’t want you with me

From now on…
There isn’t anything I’ll see
I won’t want to see through your eyes

From now on…
There won’t be a time
I’m not thinking of you
You’ve got a hold on me
Don’t ever let go….