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Friday, October 2, 2009


What will you remember
When you think of me
Will it be the eyes of excitement
That you see

The eyes of unconditional acceptance from a friend
Standing by your side
Or the eyes of passions running wild
From a love that could not hide

The eyes amazed at the colors of a sunset
Refracting through a cloud
Or how I looked admiring your accomplishments
That left me feeling proud

Will you hear the breeze rustling the dunes
Or sound of the crashing surf
Will you remember the words from a love that swooned
Comparing you to heaven on earth

Some things I hope that come to mind
When pondering my name
A heart by virtue of sincerity was kind
And wild spirit you could not tame

Remember me when times are rough
I’ll be there to pull you through
Remember me when times are grand
You’ll be in my heart then too.


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