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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Of Ways Of Looking At A Woman Review

Previously published in chapbook sections, Of Ways Of Looking At A Woman has received wonderful reviews from specialty magazines and on-line publications.
Kara L. C. Jones of KotaPress.com reviewed Of My Soul saying, “So many of Nancy’s words remind me of those unforgettable in-the-body experiences that are so overwhelming yet simple and almost overlooked in our day to day lives.” “Nancy is able to write about a loss that is specific to her experience, yet finds a way to address that loss so the poem will speak to anyone.” “ You just need to get your hands on a copy of this book in order to unearth the layers of meaning waiting here for you.”
Kwil of Kwil Kids Quarterly said, “My Reading Chair is a poetry chapbook filled with light, warmth and love. Children’s poetry is woven in delicate strands all snuggly warm… like a winters glove.” “If you are a lover of words and images, poetic insights both old and new… Nancy Watts is a poet and novelist whose reading chair is big enough for two!”
Russell Fulcher of Samsara Magazine says, “The language in Of My Soul ranges from simple and sincere, to passionate and haunting.” “The author is well-centered and a welcome change from most poetry dealing with this subject, adding a sense of hope and well-being in the face of grief and adversity.”

ISBN # 0-9718492-0-X

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Congrats on publishing the poetry book! Can't wait to read it!