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Friday, July 24, 2009


What do you think of
In the still of the night
When your mud settles
And you’re feeling just right

When your mind is clear
Your heart rate slows
And your body tells you
All that it knows

Can you hear the whisper
The call of the wild
Do you feel the presence
Of destiny’s child

Has she taken liberties
In your subconscious mind
Does she flow through your veins
Are you two of a kind

When it’s calm and quiet
Can you see her face
Does she take you back
To a time and place

When your soul was liquid
Free flowing and pure
Like the fountain of youth
She would assure
You were never more alive
More connected or loved
Part of the universe and heavens above

This is no illusion
No dream that must end
For destiny’s child is
Not only your friend

You’re what beats in her heart
The spirit in her soul
A love like no other
And what makes her whole


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