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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Hundred Poems

Your words are a portal to man's soul;
noesis refracting through one hundred prisms,
each filled with lucid dreams of human emotion.

Like white light passing through the soul
of a child, colors and textures of your private
world blend, bending one hundred different
ways, spilling into an Alaskan night sky.

Poetic beauty...

And I pause to reflect on their illumination.
These words....one hundred wishes cast off
onto shooting stars; the hopes and dreams of
the young at heart dangling from a moon beam.

One hundred good night kisses and a prayer
gently blown off the tips of a mother's love
as she closes the door on another bed time story.

Your words...one hundred poems revealing
intricate details and intimate secrets of a world
you share with only a few...Leaving me envious
of those who hold your heart....

One Hundred Poems...

Dedicated to Samuel Paralta
Congratulations on 100~


Semaphore said...

I'm touched and honored, thank you.

Nancy Watts said...

You inspire me on many levels! You make writing easy!:)