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Thursday, September 10, 2009

One More Thing...

Tell me one more thing before I sleep
one more story to remit my mind into lucid dreams.

Bridge our expanse so I may reach out and trace the contour of
your brow; that which embraces an accomplished intellect.

Give me one more morsel before I slumber
one more bite from that apple or peach.

Provide a conduit for succulent imaginings; those which
are experienced through the vulnerability in your words.

Reveal to me one more clandestine idiosyncrasy
those which create an image in my mind, giving you life.

Be my one more reason to rise in the morning
one more reason to look forward to the day….

1 comment:

Semaphore said...

Great concept behhind this poem - I really like the idea behind the first and last couplets.