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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I saw my reflection in your eyes
Youth, exuberance and creativity
Now the heavy lids of boredom slip closed
And I must look within
To find my strength and assurances

But the dark is a scary place

The sound of your voice once told me
The words of your heart
But all has quieted
And the silence if deafening

You flowed through my veins
Like the river to the sea
With wild abandon and purpose
Now you bleed through opened wounds
As sharp tongues lash the heart

And the pain adds to the darkness

But I will find my way
Padding though the inner walls of my soul
Cauterizing the wounds, healing the scars
And I will emerge again to hear
The laughter in your voice

For I will be stronger
And once again full of surprise and allure
No longer afraid of the dark


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